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Great Products, Excellent Service

Our business is a ground-breaking Beach Shop, renting and selling excellent products at competitive prices both online and in store. Our experience, passion and commitment make our business one of the best in the industry, with a loyal community of clients who keep coming back to our store time after time.

At Island Cycles and Gear, we believe that today, you should be able to buy and rent high-quality goods—anytime, anywhere. In addition, our shop offers a variety of services such as rentals, repairs and beach gear. Take a look at our site, and contact us with questions or suggestions.



  • You just need to have a debit or credit card for your security deposit so if you decide you love your amazing bike and decide to keep it we can replace it !

  • You must be breathing...

  • Must have money to pay for the rental.

  • It helps, but is not required, to know how to ride a bike or paddle or maybe both.

  • Have Fun!!!


  • A single speed cruiser is your typical beach bike or bmx that you likely learned to ride on. These are "coaster brakes" which means you peddle backwards to brake.

  • A multi-speed or geared cruiser is a comfortable ride which allows you to change gears to make peddling easier. Hatteras Island is pretty flat but the wind can really play havoc and make you burn more calories than necessary, gears make the wind easier to peddle in.

  • A Hybrid is a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. They are not as comfortable as a geared cruiser but is a lot easier to ride and burn calories on the road. The tires are thinner than a cruiser and typically have more of a road surface (not knobby tires). This makes for a smoother more aerodynamic ride.

  • All our equipment is washed and disinfected in between customers to keep you safe.



Slow your Roll

Top Ten Reasons to rent a Bike

  • Your kids will leave you alone

  • You will look cool 

  • Our seats make your butt look small

  • We have geared bikes for those that don't want to waste precious calories

  • We have your favorite colors...sometimes on the same bike ~Feeling pink with polka dots?  We got you!  Let your freak flag fly!

  • You can ride in flip-flops, or thongs if you prefer...

  • Bikes can be equipped  with cup holders for your favorite beverage and a speaker for your tunes

  • Dad won't have to pack, haul, or fix bikes so he will have more time to intake precious calories (see 4).

  • They come in handy when you need "alone time"

  • The Island villages are just more fun on a bike!

Scenic Bike Ride
Surfing Equipment Repairs


Get Started

Trying out a new hobby for the first time? No storage space back home? We got you covered! The rental department at Island Cycles and Gear includes a comprehensive collection of the latest brands and models to suit all your needs. From Kayaks to Surf Boards we have what you need to make your vacation memorable!


We Have It All

Why worry about Dad packing the car with all of your beach gear? Rent our high quality beach gear and leave your stress at home. We have everything you need from Beach Chairs to Cornhole Boards!

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