• You just need to have a debit or credit card for your security deposit so if you decide you love your amazing bike and decide to keep it we can replace it !

  • You must be breathing...

  • Must have money to pay for the rental.

  • It helps, but is not required, to know how to ride a bike or paddle or maybe both.

  • Have Fun!!!


  • A single speed cruiser is your typical beach bike or bmx that you likely learned to ride on. These are "coaster brakes" which means you peddle backwards to brake.

  • A multi-speed or geared cruiser is a comfortable ride which allows you to change gears to make peddling easier. Hatteras Island is pretty flat but the wind can really play havoc and make you burn more calories than necessary, gears make the wind easier to peddle in.

  • A Hybrid is a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. They are not as comfortable as a geared cruiser but is a lot easier to ride and burn calories on the road. The tires are thinner than a cruiser and typically have more of a road surface (not knobby tires). This makes for a smoother more aerodynamic ride.

Across from the Avon Pier!

41074 NC HWY 12

Avon, NC 27915

Hatteras Island

We have a very friendly staff happy to help! Please call or email with any questions!

                                     252-995-4336 or

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