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The worst...

So we are literally the worst at keeping up with our blog! We know we need to do it and we have plenty to say, but it just somehow never gets done!

We are so very excited for this season! We miss people and are so happy to have the island fill back up again with visitors. This is a magical place and we love sharing it! So get your bathing suits ready and get your bums out here!

We have a super fun assortment of beach bikes this year and can't wait to see you riding around the villages on them! We are going to try our luck renting out inflatable POP paddle boards (we have hard ones too). We have a new line of soft Kona surfboards on their way here. And awesome Crescent Kayaks for rent. We can't wait for you to come try out the new stuff!

And even if you have all your own cool stuff and don't need any rental gear, come on in and say hi! We are gonna have some pretty fun stuff in the store for sale this year!

So with that I'm off!


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